In-Class Essay: Gatsby & Harlem Renaissance

In-Class Essay: The Great Gatsby, the Harlem Renaissance & the American Dream

A link to an online version of Aaron Douglas’s “Song of the Towers”:

1. Read all passages carefully, making notes about key points.
2. Read essay prompt carefully; keeping prompt in mind, go back to passages and painting and make notes.
3. Create thesis first; be sure it is narrow and specific AND that it incorporates all 4 texts.
4. Create bpts, making sure they make the appropriate sub-arguments.
5. Under each bpts, have support in form of quotations, examples, details.

Links to Online Resources for Essay

For Topic #1: To access the Solomon Butcher photographs:
Once here, click on “Immigration, American Expansion,: then click on “Prairie Settlement, Nebraska.” You should recognize teh site from last semester.

For Topic # 4: To access the Oblinger Family Letters:
Once here, click on “Immigration, American Expansion,” then click on “Prairie Settlement, Nebraska.” You should recognize the site from last semester.

For Topic #2: To access Harvey Dunn paintings:

You’ll find a brief biography here; scroll down for a gallery of his paintings.

Bierce, Twain & Civil War Photographs

Please post your group’s argument and details here under comments.

Winslow Homer Paintings

Painting Analysis Worksheet

For in class, Thursday 11/15 and Friday 11/16 (F); Thursday 11/15 and Monday 11/19 (I):

1. Go to the following link to view Winslow Homer’s painting “Home, Sweet Home.”
2. Filling out the Painting Analysis Worksheet (handout and also posted above if you need an extra), spend some time examining this painting carefully.
3. Write a blog entry (under Comments of this post). How do you understand this painting? Use evidence from your worksheet to help you.

4. Follow the same steps above for Winslow Homer’s painting, “Prisoners from the Front.”  (using a separate PA worksheet)

I period: Questions about Daisy Miller

I period only:

1. How many different forms of “art” are there in the story? What purpose do you think these forms serve? Use evidence.

2. Compare the character Daisy Miller to the speaker in either of the Dickinson poems or the speaker in Amy Lowell’s poem. Do they have something in common? If so, what? If not, why? (you only need to talk about 1 poem, not all 3). Use evidence.

F period: Questions about Daisy Miller

F period only: Write approximately 200-300 words in response to one of the following: 

1. Is Winterbourne the protagonist of the novella? Or is it Daisy Miller? Make your case with specific evidence.

2. How does James use “art” in this story? What are the different forms of art? What purpose do all these forms serve?

What You All Have Been Waiting For…

The Syllabus has been revised. Go to the Course Website to view and print the syllabus. All changes are in blue. Let me know if you have any questions!

Oh…and your blogs, by the way, for Quarter 1 were excellent. For Quarter 2, begin to explore connections to contemporary issues or current events and begin to use (upload) images to accompany your written entries.

Ms. R. :)

About the Vocab Quiz on Tuesday 9/25!

Yes, there is a quiz–see the syllabus. Vocabulary List #1. You will be responsible for knowing the following:
1. spelling, definition, part of speech
2. how to use that word correctly and smoothly in a sentence

Quiz Format: (25 points)
1. I will “dictate” 5 vocabulary words from List #1, you will write them down, spelling them correctly, providing part of speech and definition. 2 pts. each, no partial credit
2. THEN you will write a PARAGRAPH (not separate sentences, but a single paragraph on any topic) using those same 5 words. 2 pts. for each correctly used word. 5 points for a coherent paragraph topic.

Bring paper!

Reading Questions for Emerson Posted!

For questions to use as you read “Self-Reliance,” go to Instructions and Assignments and click on the link. Think bumper stickers!!!!   :)

Essay #1 on Course Website!

Go to Course Website –> Writing Assignments –> Essay #1 for the first writing assignment of the year! Wahoo! :)

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